Sunday, October 26, 2014

Universal Shower Design

As we continue exploring the aspects that make a home more universal in design and easier to access for family members of all ages, today we will explore the different aspects of universal shower design.

-Heat the floor. Warm tile mats are simple to add when installing a new tile floor and consider running into the shower floor.

-Anti scald faucet. Most faucets today are made this way but it’s always a great idea to double check.

-Non-slip flooring. Is the tile you have chosen made to go on the shower floor?

-Easy maintenance


-Oversized. At least 36” wide x 36” deep or even better is 36” wide x 60” deep.

-Multiple shower heads at adjustable heights

-Hand held sprayer

-Storage at point of use. If the shower will be used most often sitting down, maybe the tile niche should be placed lower.

-Grab bars. Attractive options are available. Ensure necessary blocking is in the wall.

-Seating. Be that an independent bench you can move in and out of the shower, a built in tile bench or a fold down teak bench, to consider seating is important.

Take the time to consider the future and your family when you are considering building or remodeling. Email me at and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding aging in place solutions.

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