Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bathroom Myth's

Myth: Don't use dark colors in a small bathroom


Fact: Using dark colors in a small bathroom, especially a powder room, can lend an elegant, sophisticated look to the space. It is important to still maintain good lighting, but don't be afraid to experiment with dark colors.



Myth: A pedestal sink is the best choice for a small bathroom.


Fact: Current design fads notwithstanding, a sink in a well-designed vanity cabinet will not only provide far more usable countertop area, but also a good bit of storage below--a feature that's even more important in a small bathroom than in a large one.



Myth: The best time to figure out where toilet-paper holders and towel bars go is when you're almost done, and you can see what you've got to work with.


Fact: This is why the pencil was invented --to figure out such things ahead of time. You should know exactly where every towel bar, toilet paper holder and robe hook is going to be installed long before you ever pick up a hammer. Fail to do so, and you may end up with your toilet-paper holder screwed to the side of your bathtub.




Myth: The best place for a bathroom lighting fixture is directly over the sink.


Fact: This is a silly architectural custom that won't die, though it sure deserves to. Having the light source over the sink guarantees that no matter how you turn your head, some part of your face will always be exasperatingly in shadow. Take a tip from what Hollywood makeup pros have done since the 1920s: Place the lighting on either side of the sink, roughly level with your face, and not above it. It's the only way to get even, shadow-free lighting. But when you don’t have room for sconces either side, a light above is better than no light at all.



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