Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wood on the Walls

This summer our family had the opportunity to spend some time in the Florida Keys. It was a fabulous trip and one place I would highly recommend visiting. While we were there, we took a day trip into Key West. It was HOT but we enjoyed seeing the sites. You are probably thinking, “This is great and all and I am glad you took a fun vacation, but what does this have to do with kitchens and bathrooms?”


While in Key West, we enjoyed lunch at the Latitudes Restaurant. This restaurant is part of the Westin resort on Sunset Key. Sunset Key is a small 27 acre private island off of Key West with 40 private cottages. This island is accessible only by private boat and no cars are permitted. We dined alfresco at the edge of the water and enjoyed a delicious meal and excellent service. Check it out at


The architecture and design of buildings was beautiful and they spared no attention to detail. One detail I loved seeing was plank wood on the restroom walls. The whitewashed finish gave real warmth and character to what can sometimes be a very cold space. Have you considered adding wood to the walls of your bathrooms? Maybe it is in the form of painted beadboard or tongue and groove teak or whitewashed pine. Consider wood wainscoting around a tub, on the ceiling or on the wall behind a toilet. This small addition of wood doesn’t always add a great expense but can really change the look of your space.


I hope this has been helpful and informative and helps you with your future projects. If you have the chance to visit Key West, make sure you at least enjoy lunch on Sunset Key. You wont be disappointed! Don't hesitate to contact me at with any questions. Know that I am always learning, reading, TRAVELING!!! and asking questions to help you with your projects.

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