Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Kitchen's newest appliance

Just when you think there couldn't be anything new, technology throws you a curve ball. If you are renovating your kitchen or building a new one, you need to consider adding this newest appliance to your space. What is this new fangled appliance? It's a flat screen tv.


People spend more time than ever in their kitchens and they are demanding to stay in touch with the news, weather, play music and surf the Internet. A flat screen tv, whether small, under a wall cabinet, or large over a table or fireplace, is a necessary addition to today's space. Why not catch up on the news while fixing breakfast or tune into a Pandora station while entertaining or allow your kids to watch cartoons while enjoying their Saturday morning pancakes at the kitchen table. Syrup is no fun to clean out of that seagrass rug in the living room.


When wiring for your tv location, you will want to have electricity, cable and a telephone jack. This will allow you to be prepared for today and whatever future technology comes your way.  If mounting your tv to the wall, you will want to ensure that adequate blocking is in the wall to mount the tv to. Don't want to have a tv in your kitchen? Consider wiring for it anyway. It will be an excellent perk for resale down the road.

What do you think about tv's in the kitchen? Love it or hate it? Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I love my kitchen TV. I have had one for about 4 or 5 years that I watch while cleaning, cooking, and eating(surprising how much time I spend in there alone). If I finish my activity before the TV program is over, I simply record it. I then watch it when it is convenient in another room on a larger screen. As, I said, I love my kitchen tv.:)