Sunday, December 23, 2012

Homeowners want bigger kitchens

Do you desire a larger kitchen? Are you looking for a smaller home? Larger home? What are some of the non-negotiable items you are looking for? A recent survey conducted by RICKI, the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, found that 59 percent of the people they surveyed would look for a larger kitchen if they moved to a new home. They would also be willing to sacrifice square footage in the family room and then master bedroom if it meant gaining a larger kitchen.


            Interestingly enough, only one out of four homeowners say they would be looking for a smaller home if they were buying today. But only 4% of those said they would want a smaller kitchen. Nearly two-thirds of the surveyed homeowners and three-quarters of those under the age of 45 want a larger kitchen. Those are pretty large percentages where most people’s perception is that everyone is looking for something smaller.


            Before you give up on your dream of a larger kitchen because people are telling you everyone is going smaller, reconsider and know that kitchen truly is the heart of the home. A larger space will make you and your family happier.           

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