Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trends in Luxury Bathrooms-Part 3

            I have yet to meet anyone that enjoys cleaning the shower. And who enjoys cleaning the metal track that your shower door sits in? Yuck! Thankfully, there is now another option. The trend in any bathroom is a frameless shower door. Simple and beautiful, this type of shower door takes a back seat and really allows your beautiful tile work to shine.


            Typically 3/8” thick with 3 hinges and a handle, cleaning this shower door can’t get much easier. There is no metal frame or metal track needed. Available in clear glass or several other opaque styles, there is sure to be one that suits your space. The most common hardware finishes are satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome. Most of the time, the hardware on the shower door will match the faucets in the shower. There are several companies in Athens that can supply and install one for you. Quality Glass, Keith Porter Specialties and K & G Installations to name a few.


            If you are considering a bathroom remodel or are in the midst of one, insist on a frameless shower door. Don’t use something that will detract from your tile. Instead install something that will only enhance your space and give you a better return on your investment. This is one trend that is not going to go out of style.

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