Sunday, February 19, 2012

Trends in Luxury Bathrooms-Part 2

            Most bathroom floors are tiled and in the winter time, that makes for some cold feet in the mornings. Who wants to jump out of bed when they know their feet are going to hit some cold tile? That sounds like an excuse to hit the snooze button if you ask me. One item that is becoming almost a requirement in luxury baths and most master baths is heated floors. It is like walking on a warm beach. Now who doesn’t want to do that in February?


            Electric radiant floor heating is simple to install and radiates even heat with no cold spots. It is also effective in helping to heat your room. This mat of wires is placed between the durock and tile and is controlled by a programmable thermostat on the wall. Particular spots to make sure the mat is placed are in front of the sinks, in the general walk path and in front of the toilet. If you have a tile shower, also consider placing it under the floor tile. This will help heat you shower and you won’t have to waste many gallons of water heating up your tile shower before you step in.


            This heated floor mat can be placed under any tile, whether in the kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, sunroom or bathroom. We have used the SunTouch brand purchased through Traditions in Tile and have been very pleased with the ease of installation, service and value. If you are looking at redoing a tile floor, seriously consider installing the heated floor mat while you are at it. You will not be disappointed.

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