Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tile Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Guests are coming and you really need to deep clean that guest bathroom. The grout is looking a little dingy and you just can’t seem to get the scum off of the tile. Here are a few easy tips and tricks for getting that bathroom sparkling clean.


·         Looking for easy? Stone and Tile Cleaner by Dupont, available at Traditions in Tile, is a multi-purpose cleaner that works on all polished marbles, porcelain and ceramic tiles and natural stone. Simply spray, lightly scrub and rinse.


·         For a little deeper clean to help with the soap scum, try a porcelain and ceramic tile cleaner. Test a small area on polished tiles first to make sure it does not affect the finish. As always, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


·         Has your grout cracked at the corners and around the top of the tub? A common occurrence as walls expand and contract, but simple to fix. Cut out the grout in those locations and fill with a sanded caulk that matches your grout color. Allow to fully dry before using the tub or shower. Traditions in Tile is a great source. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


·         Once you have gotten your grout or natural stone freshly cleaned, seal it to help prolong the life and keep it looking like new. Most stones should be resealed every 1-3 years.


Nothing feels better than a sparkling clean bathroom. Your guests will thank you.

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