Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brass is Back!

            Polished gold, champagne bronze, polished brass, brushed bronze, brushed gold. Call it what you may, but brass is brass and it is back. Maybe you have said to yourself, “I am never having brass again.” For those people who cannot get the traditional polished brass removed from their home fast enough and replaced with stainless steel, chrome or oil rubbed bronze, you might want to think again. Brass is coming back.


It may be in the form of brushed bronze cabinet hardware or a polished gold faucet or maybe it is a brushed gold vessel sink. Used in the right way, these items carry with them a very classic, refined look. A brass finished faucet or cabinet hardware piece lends warmth to a space that stainless steel and chrome cannot touch.


Now it may be time to go ahead and swap out those 15 year old brass knobs, but before you resign yourself to stainless steel, you can reconsider brass. Not sure if or how you want to use the “new” brass in your home? Take a look around, look at some magazines, stop by a plumbing supply store. You are bound to find some ideas that will work in your home. Moral of the story: Never say never. Because our mom’s always taught us that what goes around, comes around. And that sure rings true with brass.

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